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Author Topic: MMoexp Dark And Darker Gold to extend
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  Posted on April 02, 2024 11:09 AM (#1)  |  Quote Quote   PM PM   E-mail E-mail
The playtest has been extended 3 extra days. Due to the early network problems, instabilities, and rollback problems, we have determined to extend the playtest, as is lifestyle. View the link to Dark And Darker Gold our steam web page for the new finishing time.

The cause of the playtest extension is officially because of "early network problems, instabilities, and rollback troubles." Ironmace explains that this is traditional, at this factor, seeing that previous Dark and Darker playtests have had similar problems and extensions. The underlying message is excitement over Dark and Darker's surge in popularity, with Ironmace even posting about the participant assume social media.

Ironmace is assembly the instant, too. The playtest has been live for per week and Ironmace has released six total hotfixes addressing problems and making improvements. The cutting-edge Dark and Darker hotfix arrived Friday morning, empowering the Wraith, Skeleton Champion, and Centaur enemies, nerfing the Longbow, and including a map tile named The Colosseum that could spawn within the High-Roller queue.

Dark and Darker stays planned for complete release as a top rate recreation in overdue 2023. A year is a long term to wait, but Ironmace is buying Dark And Darker Gold all however positive to continue doing playtests between now after which. There were three Dark and Darker playtests over the past four months, every announced because the previous ended. Expect Ironmace to proportion more facts on what's subsequent for the hardcore dungeon crawler rapidly after this playtest ends December 26. Hopefully, the group takes a piece of time to relaxation up, too.

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